Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing remains the largest and one of the best paying employment sectors in the region. Manufacturing and food processing provide good entry-level jobs, but with increasing automation and technology, many of the best paying jobs are in operating, maintaining and repairing production equipment.

Jobs in Advanced Manufacturing

  • Production Laborer

    Help production workers by performing duties requiring less skill. Duties include supplying or holding materials or tools, and cleaning work area and equipment.

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  • Electrician

    Install, maintain, and repair electrical wiring, equipment, and fixtures. Ensure that work is in accordance with relevant codes. May install or service street lights, intercom systems, or electrical control systems.

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  • Production Technician

    Set up, test, and adjust manufacturing machinery or equipment, using any combination of electrical, electronic, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, or computer technologies.

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  • Frontline Supervisor

    Directly supervise and coordinate the activities of production and operating workers, such as inspectors, precision workers, machine setters and operators, assemblers, fabricators, and plant and system operators.

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  • Maintenance Technician

    Lubricate machinery, change parts, or perform other routine machinery maintenance.

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  • Engineering Technician

    Apply engineering theory and principles to problems of industrial layout or manufacturing production, usually under the direction of engineering staff. May perform time and motion studies on worker operations in a variety of industries for purposes such as establishing standard production rates or improving efficiency.

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Advanced Manufacturing Stats


Total Employment

Advanced Manufacturing jobs make up 9.4% of the State’s total employment.


Projected Growth

Targeted manufacturing careers are projected to grow more than 10% from 2010‐2020.


Unemployment Rate

The unemployment rate of those previously employed in the Advanced Manufacturing sector.